Far away from any major civilisation, where the next village is reached by foot or mule, and the barren land is ploughed daily by yak as a means to survive, people live a tough, isolated existence.

I saw the true grit of a porter, as he walked eight hours a day for a whole week, carrying sixty kilos of goods in a basket strapped to his head by a piece of tarpaulin. He had spent more time away from his family this year than with them but smiled and thanked god for putting food on the table once again.  As we made our way up another unforgiving climb, he whistled to the wind in the hope it would listen and blow to cool him down.

The real cold came at night when we stopped to set up the tents and the sun disappeared behind the mountains. The higher we climbed the colder it became. The air was thinner and dryer now. Breathing became harder, trees slowly disappeared and faces changed.  We were getting closer to the Tibetan border.

A mule driver carefully led his seven mules over narrow mountain-side passes and rickety bridges, which I thought twice about crossing. He unpacked each of his mules in the evening, fed them and slept in the cold under a thin sheet, guarding his goods at night. In the morning he would disappear for thirty minutes, only to return with his free roaming mules, which were fed and once again repacked before continuing his long journey into the mountains.

Himali presents a series of portrait and landscape photographs documenting the life of people in the vast ranges of the Nepalese and Indian himalayas. All photographs were taken using Kodak Portra 400 film and Plaubel Makina 67 camera with no use of filters and minimal editing to preserve the true nature of the surroundings

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